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The Concise Oxford Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary
The Concise Oxford Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary
880 грн.

Based on the highly acclaimed Oxford Russian Dictionary, this dictionary provides students at intermediate level with an authorative guide to contemporary Russian and English in a concise and accessible format. Over 120 000 words and phrases, and 190 000 translations. All major fields of reference - from general to technical, business to literary - are covered. Each translation is meticulously reserched and illustrated to ensure the user finds the most accurate and idiomatic equivalent every time. Language in use. Thousands of examples, including modern idioms and colloquial expressions, ensure the user has a detailed picture of contemporary Russian and English. Language and culture on the Internet. A unique new guide to email and the Internet offers a gateway to life and culture in both the Russian-speaking and the English-speaking world. Thematic wordfinder covering key topics. All the essential vocabulary from key topic areas - the environment, society, business and industry, communication, and media and the arts - is grouped together in one quick-reference section, specially designed to meet the requirements of regional exam boards. Extra in-text grammatical information. Guidance is given within entries on key constructions, complementation, and difficult points of grammar.

Издательство:  М., ИНФРА-М
Год издания: 2001
ISBN 019-860-1522
Тип обложки: тврдая
Формат: 70/100/16
Страниц: 1008
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